Unparalleled Customer Service

Our friendly, responsive and knowledgeable staff, many with clinical, legal or insurance backgrounds themselves, are dedicated to seamlessly and efficiently facilitating each step of the assessment process. We take the time to understand your objectives, see the big picture and make your life easier.

A cornerstone of our company is our investment in training and education at all levels within the organization and for our customers. Our commitment to continuing education and mentorship programs for all staff, clinicians, assessors and clients fosters an environment focused on best practices and informed case management.

Highest Caliber Expert Assessors

We know that having timely access to the very best assessors facilitates the provision of objective and defensible reports to our customers.  As such, our process for identifying qualified health professionals is extensive, involving a thorough review of an assessor’s training and certifications, standing with their respective college and associations, clinical and assessment experience, sample reports, and court history.

Our extensive national roster of over 1700 medical, psychological and allied health professionals consists of experts who are credible, highly experienced and well-respected in their fields.  In order to ensure our roster continuously meets the needs of our customers, we employ a team of individuals that are specifically dedicated to establishing, evaluating, maintaining and expanding our roster of qualified and experienced health professionals.   

Commitment to Quality

We maintain a strong focus on quality and high standards across our entire organization.  For us quality assurance begins at intake with a conflict of interest check, followed by a file review to ensure the best medical expert is selected to meet the needs of the file.  Our report coordinators focus on obtaining reports on time, confirming data accuracy and completeness.  Our Clinical Quality Assurance (CQA) team of Regulated Health Professionals review every report in its entirety. The final stage is invoicing where the billing associate confirms the accuracy of the billing information, including compliance with fee schedules and our customers’ required invoice details. 

The role of our CQA team is to support the independent opinion of our expert assessors by ensuring their written reports and documented opinions are comprehensible, fully respond to the referral questions, and are compliant with the unique legislative and medico-legal framework of the issues to be addressed. 

Clinical Leadership

Our leadership team is comprised of medical and clinical professionals, many of which are court qualified expert assessors themselves.  Their explicit understanding of the industry, our customers’ businesses and the unique and ever-changing legislative, legal and occupational frameworks, has enabled our company to develop a strong infrastructure and sophisticated case management platforms to better support our customers across the country.

We offer ready access to consultations with our team of medical and clinical advisors, each with extensive experience in the evaluation and management of impairment and disability. When presented with complex diagnoses or disability management issues, our customers trust Viewpoint to provide access to an expert with the appropriate experience to address the medical conditions or issues at hand and to provide advice on the best course of action for that file.

The Examinee Assessment Experience

Customers seek out partnerships with Viewpoint because of a commitment to high standards of service, credibility and commitment to a positive individual assessment experience. We ensure that every individual that we evaluate or assess is guaranteed an experience that is pleasant and stress-free, and in which they feel understood. We make every effort to ensure that examinees are well supported throughout the process and have a full understanding on what to expect.

We routinely provide independent assessment services for individuals navigating through complex legal or insurance processes while suffering from challenging medical or psychiatric disabilities and impairments. As such, we ensure that each of our facilities is fully accessible and invest in training our staff to fully understand the details of the process and the nature of the injuries and illnesses the examinees endure to ensure they are able to provide appropriate support and understanding.