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For over 26 years, customers from a wide variety of industries have trusted Viewpoint as their provider of choice for all of their independent medical, psychological and allied-health professional assessment needs. With over 130 dedicated employees, 9 administrative offices and access to over 225 clinical facilities across the country, let us take care of the details to make the assessment process easier.

As a Viewpoint Assessor, Benefit From:

  • Elimination of overhead costs by completing assessments at any of Viewpoint’s locations, even after business hours and on weekends upon request
  • Reduction in administrative costs and time by managing the files from start to finish including collections, with organized and experienced staff
  • Stability in volume of referrals through our long-established partnerships with a broad range of customers across the country
  • Available secure file management portal to facilitate electronic review of bookmarked files, communication with staff, secure upload of documents and ability to monitor schedules
  • Our Total Quality Assurance Program involving review of reports by a team of Clinical Quality Assurance Coordinators to ensure reports are comprehensible and address unique legislative and medical legal requirements
  • Access to our dedicated Assessor Relations and Medical/Clinical Advisors at any step of the process
  • Continuing education in the role of a Non-Treating Medical Examiner, legislative and regulatory changes/requirements and Rules of Court in various jurisdictions
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We provide service out of 9 administrative locations and over 225 clinics across 9 provinces.

Locations across Canada

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